HOA not jumping for joy over 12-year-old cyclist's ‘bike jumps'

When 12-year-old Gregory Leitch goes to school each day, he's not sure the track he built near his home in Danville will still be here when he returns.

It appears the Greenbrook Homes Association, which is in charge of the property, is almost certain to tear down the handmade track.%INLINE%

"This was something that brought everyone together. I made new friends from doing this. I just really enjoyed it," said Gregory.

Before it was a bicycle jump it was a mound of dirt, deposited by winter storms.

Last month Gregory believed he could spin the muddy mound into gold. He and two friends spent weeks designing the jumps.

His parents were supportive, saying it's a lot better than kids playing video games indoors.

"He came home one day and said we are going to build bike jumps. And I said great," said Teresa Leitch, Gregory's mother.

But some residents complained. The HOA says it will be "restoring" the area which likely means it will remove the track.

The Greenbrook Homes Association wrote in a letter to homeowners, "There is considerable risk to the association should a child, or any individual, suffer injury."  

"I'd rather have a broken arm from this than carpal tunnel from video games," said Leitch.

The HOA also says the area should be maintained as a natural creek area and walking path.

Once the ramp is gone, the Leitch family says it may ask Danville City Hall to build a bike jump somewhere in town.