Homeless advocates in North Bay open cold weather shelters

At Marin Ace Hardware in San Rafael, manager Scott Osterman they have been busy keeping certain items on the shelves.

"Now that all the crazy rain is gone temperatures are starting to drop and people are coming in for frost blankets, space heaters, these portable stoves are doing pretty well," said Osterman.

Freeze warnings and frost advisories are in effect through most of the Bay Area, with temperatures expected to get dangerously cold for those who are unsheltered.

"It’s almost like a life or death situation,: said Keith Weiner, who said he has been homeless since June. Weiner brought his belongings to the Marin Health and Human Services campus where a temporary warming shelter will remain open through this cold snap.

"When it gets down this cold my extremities, my fingers and my toes they start to hurt," said Weiner.

Gary Naja-Riese, the Director of Homelessness in Marin County said the temporary overnight shelter was opened because the county activated its severe weather emergency.

"We offer not only a warm and dry place to stay but a hot meal and snacks and activities," said Naja-Riese.

Judy Spotswood, who is unhoused, said she was sleeping in the park where the cold was unbearable. "It’s freezing, freezing cold," said Spotswood. "It’s really hard on us. And so to have this means everything."