Homeless couple anxiously await baby, but kids not allowed in shelter

A homeless couple in San Jose is about to welcome a baby into the world, but children are not allowed in the shelter where the couple is staying. 

The clock is ticking for Bernadette Ortiz and Ricardo Lopez and they're looking for a place to stay with their newborn. Their baby could arrive at any time. 

"Yes, I have four more days until she's due," the expecting mother said. "October 10th. I'm happy, excited, nervous." 

Above all, still, the couple is stressed. They are homeless, staying temporarily at San Jose's Grace Baptist Church.
But when the baby comes they need to go since the church is unable to accommodate an infant. And what's worse, they have no other options. All the family shelters they've called have long wait lists. 

"Those shelters that do take them, they're full. 60 families ahead of us. So she's going to have the baby outside? What are we going to do? No I can't believe the system is going to fail us that way," said the father. 
But housing advocates say the system is simply overwhelmed. There are 47 emergency shelter slots for families, but there are about 300 homeless families in the area, accounting for about 1,000 people.

"You really wonder where we are as a society that we can look at this and say, 'Sorry'. You really wonder where is our planning? Where is our money and where are our priorities?" 
Just when Ortiz and Lopez had all but given up, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County called.

They say they have a small apartment available November 1. 

"When you find out, oh my gosh. There's a baby. There is no way I'm going to let a baby become homeless on my watch and so trying to find solutions, you go out of the box," said Gregory Kepferle with Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County. 
The couple says they're extremely grateful. Still there is a three-week gap between when the baby comes and when the apartment is available.
Housing advocates say they're scrambling to come up with a short term plan. but with the baby set to arrive any day now they're running out of time.