Homeless encampment of 'furnished' caves dug into Central Valley riverbank

Authorities and volunteers cleared out caves that were the homes of unhoused people in Modesto.

The Modesto Police Department, park rangers, and others collaborated to clear out what were described as fully furnished caves that had been dug along the Tulonme River over the weekend.

The caves were 20 feet below street level, according to FOX News, Dozens of people were living there.

The caves were in jeopardy of flooding or collapse, officials said. 

Around 7,600 pounds worth of garbage were removed from the area.

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Modesto Police Department clean up of homeless camps

Two truckloads and a trailer of trash were also removed. 

Police said the area has been "plagued with vagrancy and illegal camps," causing concern considering the caves were dug into the riverbanks. 

Those residing in the caves and camps were told about the clean-up and offered services to help them during the transition.