Homeless man's barbershop transformation goes viral

A haircut that happened here in Austin has gone viral on social media. The video has already gathered over four million views on YouTube in just one week. 

Beardbrand, an Austin grooming company that prides itself on being all-inclusive and community-focused, shared the video on YouTube on Friday, November 27. In the video, Ricky Hernandez gives Jeff, a homeless gentleman that helps out around the shop, the 'ultimate barbershop experience' and a pretty transformational haircut and beard trim.

“Jeff's always around, he's sweeping up trash, cleaning windows, throwing the trash away, taking care and maintaining around here. He never asks us for money, He never asks us for food,” said Hernandez.



“He just kept saying thank you, he really appreciated it,” said Hernandez. “I made sure it was ok with him at first just brought him in here gave him a haircut and a beard trim.”

With it being the holiday season, Hernandez feels what better gift from a barber to give then the full barbershop experience.

“This is the least any of us could do for you to give back a little bit for helping us,” said Hernandez in the video.
Jeff’s face lights up as he sees the work is being done. According to Hernandez, Jeff’s last hair cut was more than a year ago in a shelter.

“It was well grown out and definitely needed a haircut,” said Hernandez.

While Hernandez cuts hair for dozens of people a week He feels it's this haircut is one both him and Jeff won’t soon forget.

“He definitely looked a lot happier, a lot younger, and a lot cleaner,” said Hernandez.