Horse, trainer reunite with rescuers

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A Clydesdale horse named Daniel was reunited today with firefighters that rescued him and his trainer from a ravine in Castro Valley last summer, according to Alameda County fire officials.

During an evening ride on June 15, the 2,200-pound equine accidentally stepped off a single-track trail and lost his balance sending him and his trainer, Leah Feliz, down a steep ravine.

Fire officials said Daniel was initially trapped in the trees, with Leah being stuck on the rocks below.

Both were seriously injured.

In a statement from East Bay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, President Allison Lindquist said Leah was quickly rescued and taken to a hospital for treatment, while firefighters worked for over five hours to safely remove Daniel from the tree.

After a second rescue, Daniel was eventually taken to the University of California at Davis Large Animal Veterinary Hospital for assessment and treatment.

Daniel and Leah met with their rescuers today at Rancho De Los Amigos Ranch located at 12350 Cull Canyon Rd., where Daniel calls home. Fire officials said both he and Leah are doing well.