Horseback prom invite gets Milpitas student suspended

MILPITAS, Calif. (KTVU) – It's prom time in the Bay Area and with has come the usual flurry of unique ways to invite your beloved to the dance.

But Milpitas High senior Miguel Gonzalez has discovered that not everyone is moved by a unique approach.

According to the Milpitas Post newspaper, Gonzalez is currently serving a suspension for taking an Old West approach to lasso the heart of his girlfriend Catalina Hernandez

.He borrowed a horse -- aptly named Romeo -- from a friend's ranch, trailered it to a nearby park and mounted up.

With friends looking on and cheering, Gonzalez rode up on horseback onto the Milpitas campus during first period Thursday carrying a sign saying – "Will you ride with me to prom?"

The answer was yes, but then he heard the voice of his school principle calling his name.

The paper said Gonzalez was suspended for two but will return to class on Monday. He also will be allowed to attend the prom.

School officials said the suspension was justified because of the dangers the horse may have posed to other students.

His cousin, Christine Gonzalez, told KTVU before classes on Friday that Miguel is very well versed on how to  handle horses.

"I understand where they (school officials) are coming from -- it's a horse," she said. "But he knows how to handle a horse. He's been riding horses since he was 4."

She said the invite has drew plenty of supportive comments from her female classmates.

"All the girls are like -- Oh Miguel!!" she said with a chuckle.