Humane Society of Silicon Valley receives $2 million donation to ease financial burden of pet ownership

The Humane Society of Silicon Valley, one of the largest animal shelters in the Bay Area, has received a $2 million donation aimed at alleviating the financial burden of pet ownership and allowing pet owners to access medical funds for their ailing pets. 

Former board member Judy Marcus and her husband, George, are both life-long advocates for the Humane Society and decided to give the donation to be used in two key areas: medical care and treatment for animals, and assistance for financially struggling families to keep their pets. 

"They’re longtime friends and supporters of our organization dating back more than 20 years," said Dan Coleman, a chief development officer with the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

A portion of the donation will be directed towards the shelter's medical fund, covering surgical procedures and expensive treatments for illnesses such as the potentially fatal "parvo" virus, which affects puppies.

Additionally, the money will contribute to a community fund that offers low-cost and free veterinary care, including vaccines, medications, and food, to pet owners. By providing these essential resources, the Humane Society aims to reduce the number of animals relinquished due to financial constraints.

Dr. Cristie Kamiya called the donation an "incredible gift."

"This will give us the ability to expand our services to help our partner shelters," she said. 

In addition to their efforts in supporting pet owners, the Humane Society continues to have dogs and cats available for adoption, providing loving homes for animals in need. 

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