Hundreds celebrate Good Friday outside Oakland City Hall

The plaza in front of Oakland City Hall became a church for a little while as hundreds of people gathered to celebrate Good Friday outdoors.

"Doesn't matter where you go. It's the energy people bring with them," said Kathy Robinson of Richmond.

People came from different denominations, all celebrating together.

"These days of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday we experience that new life that comes with the love of God that can overcome these divisions between us. We hope it is healing for our city and the world," said Father Michael Castori of All Saints Church in Hayward.

The idea of this diverse gathering came from Bishop Bob Jackson of the Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland. 

"We have the Catholics, the Baptists the Methodists, the Episcopalians. Everyone coming together," said Rev. Jackson.

"Lots of spirit. So open. All these people loving it," said Caroline Stiggins of Hayward.

Those here said they liked the outdoor setting and enjoyed being with people from other churches throughout the Bay Area.

One man was visiting family. He had just gotten in from Atlanta, when they took him here.

"It is really nice. I wasn't expecting it. I only found out we were coming here 45 minutes ago," said Jammie Proctor. 

This six-year-old says his favorite part was the music.

"It's good singing. You can get a career of that as a rapper or a gospel singer," said young Jayven Irving.

Some people said it is unfortunate different communities don't come together more often. But then again, they say, that's what holidays are expected to do, unite people.

"This is how heaven is going to look. It won't have a black section or a white section or a brown section. We'll all be together the way God intended it to be," said Rev. Jackson.