Hundreds protest President Trump’s acquittal on San Francisco Market Street

Hours after the Republican-controlled Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, protestors from a coalition of groups organized hundreds of rallies nationwide Wednesday evening called #RejectTheCoverup, saying Senate Republicans did not conduct a proper trial because they refused to call witnesses. 

"The Senate has failed but the people will prevail," people chanted in downtown San Francisco at a protest near the cable car turnaround at Market and Powell Streets. 

Hundreds of people showed up with signs and bullhorns. Many said the Senate acquittal has made them more determined to get out and campaign for whichever Democrat wins the nomination. 

"This is a moment in our society when our institutions are in peril and I feel the need to put our citizen feet on the ground and speak citizen to citizen about what we value," said Kimberley Rodler, San Francisco.

Many of the signs showed support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who created a stir when she ripped her copy of President Trump's State of the Union speech ...Expressing the frustration felt by many Democrats with what they felt were inaccuracies the president's address.

Her daughter Christine Pelosi flew back from Washington D.C., with a forward-looking message from her mother for Democratic activists.

"As my mom said tonight in my message to the group: health care, health care, health care. Focus on the values that bind us together That's what won the House, our fight for health care, fight for jobs, fight for justice and security," said Christine Pelosi.

"This is encouraging to see people come out, to change their routines and talk to each other," said Amy Morgenstern of San Francisco, who says she has been protesting weekly since September and was encouraged by the turnout.

For many in the crowd, there was a determination to focus on the November election to mobilize and get out the vote.

"Please vote. I don't care who you vote for just vote for someone," said Christina Harrison of San Francisco.

"I see it as an important moment to gather up my fellow citizens and get them more motivated," said Greg Spooner of San Francisco 

San Francisco Republicans held a meeting Wednesday evening and said they too feel energized with the Senate impeachment trial ended. 

"We were relieved that it's over. Everyone was expecting it to be resolved by today. And people are optimistic. They feel like now we can put this behind us,." said John Dennis, Chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party who is also running for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Congressional seat.

Dennis said the Republican donations spiked Wednesday and the impeachment trial seems to have helped inspire Trump supporters in the Bay Area.

"Senator Romney is clearly an outlier and he would be here in San Francisco too. There are still a few Never Trumpers but the party is largely unified behind the President," said Dennis.

The California primary is March 3rd and many Democrats and Republicans say the impeachment trial will likely work in their favor as they work to get people out to the ballot box then and in November.