Hundreds show up for funeral of Half Moon Bay mayor's son

Hundreds of people gathered to support Half Moon Bay Mayor Joaquin Jimenez and his family Wednesday, as they prepared to bury their son Joaquin Dominik Jimenez Alvarado, 28, a popular community figure and leader of a motorcycle group who was well-loved by many in the small, close-knit city.

Mayor Jimenez was outside greeting community members who came to mourn for his 28-year-old son, who was killed in a motorcycle collision with a truck on May 25th. The mayor is a community grassroots leader, who has helped the community through tough times, including a mass shooting last year.

Friends gave him hugs, as two women designated as spokespeople for the family read the family's message to the community.

"It is with profound sadness that we mourn the loss of Joaquin, our generous son and beloved brother, grandson, nephew, and friend. His spirit was so vibrant and his passing leaves a void that cannot be filled," Krystlyn Giedt said, tearing up as she read from the statement.

"The Jimenez Alvarado family has been very much a part of this community for a long time and this will have ripple effects for years to come," Giedt said.

Irma Acosta, another family friend, read the statement in Spanish.

"I think this is a testament of the kind of person that he was. All the amount of people that have shown up to support the family and friends, speaks about his personality and the legacy he is leaving behind in Half Moon Bay," Acosta said.

More than 60 members of his motorcycle group roared up to the church in a long caravan, many wearing t-shirts that were created as a fundraiser for the Jimenez-Alvarado family. The shirts showed a picture of Joaquin, his motorcycle and his nickname "OG Luigi" emblazoned on the back.

"A lot of us are super close here, a lot of locals, so we take care of each other. That's the whole point. That's the goal, and that's exactly what he'd want," said Adrian Cancino, Joaquin's friend who also created a donation site to help Joaquin's parents, sister, and girlfriend with the funeral expenses.

On Highway 1 and Mirada Road, a memorial of flowers, candles, and toy motorcycles marked the spot where he crashed on May 25th.

The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office says they are still investigating the cause.


Half Moon Bay mayor's son dies in motorcycle accident

The 28-year-old son of the mayor of Half Moon Bay died in a motorcycle accident this weekend, leaving his family devastated. 

A sign on the post, says Caltrans had proposed a plan for traffic control measures along that corridor that leads into Half Moon Bay.

Jimenez, a union engineer in San Francisco, had been coming back to Half Moon Bay with his girlfriend when he was killed.

"He was a great guy, and always happy and always down to help you if you needed it," said TJ Fonseca, friend and TMF Cycles manager.

After the funeral, a massive line of motorcycles led the procession through downtown streets to the cemetery. Jimenez's hearse was followed by blocks of people walking behind and lines of classic cars.

Some members of Joaquin's motorcycle group say that they want to gather every year for a ride in his memory and in his name.