Hurricane Dorian causes travel disruptions at airports nationwide

Airline travelers at San Francisco International Airport and other airports could face delays during the Labor Day holiday weekend even if they aren't traveling through Florida in the path of Hurricane Dorian, which threatens to hit the Sunshine state on Monday.

SFO has direct flights on several airlines to Orlando and Miami.

On Friday, Orlando International Airport announced on Twitter that it plans to stop all commercial flights at 2 a.m. Monday September 2nd.

"Definitely has a ripple effect. Whenever there's any storm anywhere in the country it affects all flights," said Grace Lau, a San Carlos travel agent who owns Expedia Cruise Centers.

She says airlines, hotels and cruise companies have been alerting travel agents to cancellation policies and many are waiving fees for changes.

She says travelers should check with airlines and hotels, though, about cancellation fees because each can have a different hurricane policy.

"There's definitely a huge chunk of business there at this time of year," said Lau.

On Friday, Miami International Airport announced it did not intend to close, but will be monitoring the hurricane.

Passengers arriving at SFO on Alaska Airlines from Orlando Friday say everything went smoothly but it was busy.

"The flight was completely full. Don't know if extra people got on just to get out," said Michael Cooper, who was returning home to Hayward.

"We're glad to be out of the storm," said passenger Rick Wolf, who was among the Florida residents who decided to leave home and take trips already planned for the holiday weekend.

They said Hurricane Dorian's approach did mean they had to take extra precautions.

"The stores were running out of especially bottled water. The shelves were empty too. Gas lines, people trying to fill up with gas for generators and cars," said Wolf.

"We had to put everything from the patio, trash cans, furniture, anything that could blow we had to make sure everything was inside before we left," said Larisa Davis, another Florida resident.

The Port of Miami, which services some 18 cruise ship companies announced it will close Monday.

Cruise lines are warning passengers there might be last minute changes to itineraries.

Disney World is scheduled to remain open, but is closing its water park.

Residents are waiting to hear of any evacuation orders.

Florida residents Jeanette Pike and her daughter Sarah decided to leave the Bay Area a day early to return to Floriday before Dorian hits land so they can be prepared.

"Get food and such, board up my house and do whatever I need and then take a few days off," said Sarah Pike.

The Daytona Beach Airport also announced that it will be closed Monday.