Hurricane remnants could bring sprinkles to Bay Area

A hurricane swirling around the Baja California coast could eventually make its way to the Bay Area by Sunday, cooling off the region and sending some light sprinkles our way.

KTVU meteorologist Roberta Gonzales said the computer models are showing that Hurricane Kay – with heavy rain and possible flash floods – could hit the Southern California coast on Friday, near San Diego and Los Angeles. 

The hurricane is then projected to move toward Monterey Bay and Benito County by Saturday afternoon, tossing some cloud cover over the Bay Area, Gonzales said. 

Saturday and Sunday could be cloudy with humid conditions, Gonzales said, and there may be some light rain in the South Bay over the Santa Clara valley by the end of the weekend. 

Until the clouds and rain hit, however, temperatures on Thursday and Friday will remain hot, in the triple digits in most places.