Cannabis candies found after kids attend Halloween event at Alameda school

The families of two elementary school students found cannabis candies among other treats that the children got during a Halloween event organized by a PTA in Alameda, the school district said. Photo: Alameda Police Department (KTVU FOX 2)

Cannabis-infused fruit chews were found among candy that elementary school children received at an event organized by a PTA on Alameda over the weekend, according to the city's school district. 

One child ingested the THC candy, "became ill and sought immediate medical attention" after the event at Earhart Elementary School, Alameda police said Monday. 

The district said that two families found the weed candies among the sweet treats the kids got at the PTA event. The candies were labeled as Lost Farm Cannabis-Infused Fruit Chews and resemble Starburst in shape and size. 

"We urge all families to sort through their child's candy generally this week," Susan Davis, the senior manager for community affairs said in a warning to parents. "Please know that we are working quickly to determine the source of this candy and if other children received it."

The police department said that it is investigating the incident.