Lafayette police respond to reports of man pleasuring himself outside elementary school

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Law enforcement officials in Contra Costa County are issuing a warning to parents and children after several incidents in which men were reportedly exposing themselves to children, near schools.

Investigators are crediting a couple of vigilant adults, for calling in a suspicious vehicle parked outside of Lafayette Elementary school Tuesday afternoon. That quick call to police is what led them to the arrest.

"It's unfortunate. Unfortunate for the children unfortunate the people in this community," said nanny Christina Fischer.

Lafayette Police were quick to respond to reports of a man seen pleasuring himself outside Lafayette Elementary school Tuesday afternoon.

"Our motor officers were able to locate the vehicle on eastbound 24 as it was getting onto the freeway and was able to stop the vehicle prior to Pleasant Hill road," said Lafayette Police Chief Ben Alldritt.

33-year old Franklin Rivera of Bay Point was arrested and charged with indecent exposure.

Alldritt says Rivera was in a silver Toyota Camry, parked facing the playground where children were playing. But thankfully no children saw what he was doing.

"We had an additional caller who reported same location similar description believed that this individual may have been recording the children. We are actively investigating it," said Chief Aldritt.

One town over, in Walnut Creek, a similar incident happened on Friday afternoon. This time, a man reportedly targeted a 12-year-old girl who just left Tice Creek school, heading towards her dad's car.

"I saw her running back to the car in tears and she had told me what happened and the car was literally driving away. She told me that the guy asked her for directions, asked her for help, lured her to the car and then he exposed himself to her," said the girl's father, Ray T.

The girl identified the suspect as a Hispanic man in his 30s, with black hair driving a dark gray Toyota Prius, wearing a striped t-shirt and blue jeans.

"The next day she realized she had seen that same car in the area many times," said her father.

The girl's father posted the details on Nextdoor to alert other parents since he says this is the 3rd such incident he's heard about in Walnut Creek in the last several months.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office is investigating this case.

Lafayette Police say they're working with the sheriff's office and Walnut Creek Police to see if any of these cases are connected.

Walnut Creek Police tell KTVU they have had several incidents where men are exposing themselves in the presence of children walking home from school. The sheriff's office hasn't returned our requests for more information.