Livermore police warn Toyota Prius is target for catalytic converter thefts

Livermore police have issued an advisory about a wave of catalytic converter thefts primarily targeting Toyota Prius models.

The Livermore Police Department has logged 25 thefts since July, including 10 since Nov. 1 and says all of the incidents have been overnight.

Police in the East Bay city of Albany issued a similar warning last week, noting that thieves typically use a reciprocating saw.

Converters have a high recycle value for the metals they contain.

"It takes a skilled thief a short amount of time - less than five minutes - to crawl under a car, saw or cut through the parts and steal the catalytic converter," the Livermore department said. "Not only do the victims have to replace the catalytic converter, the method of removal also results in additional costly repairs."

Police encourage parking a vehicle in a closed and locked garage, if possible.

If a vehicle is parked in a driveway a motion-sensing light helps illuminate the area.

The Livermore department is offering a $750 reward to anyone providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of converter theft suspects.

Information can be submitted to the Livermore Police Tip-Line at (925) 371-4790.