Looking to escape the hazardous air quality? Lake Tahoe's AQI is a glorious 14

With much of Northern California and the Bay Area choked in smoke, many are tired of wearing air masks and being forced to stay indoors because of the hazardous air quality conditions.

But there is an oasis, or two, not too far away.

The Tahoe area's Air Quality Index was a glorious 14 on Friday. Good thing, too. Many of the ski resorts, including Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe opened their doors with manmade snow, just ahead of the Thanksgiving break. 

"It's the start of the season," Lake Tahoe TV spokesman Kevin Cooper told KTVU on Friday. "It feels good." 

Other spots in Northern California, by contrast, had the worst air quality in the world on Friday, with cities including Sacramento, Chico and Oroville, clocking in with unhealthy and hazardous AQIs. 

There were other good getaway spots, as well, within three hours of the Bay Area. Monterey on Friday showed moderate air quality conditions. Yosemite National Park had a good AQI of 35.