'Make Baseball Great Again': Local league spoofs GOP Convention

On a big night for the GOP, a Bay Area baseball team decided to get in on the excitement.

"We're making baseball great again," declared a costumed Donald Trump, greeting fans outside Albert Park in San Rafael.

As part of a political-themed promotion, the first 200 fans for Tuesday night's game received red baseball caps with the phrase, "Make Baseball Great Again" emblazoned on them. 

Fans laughed and snapped them up, heading in for the independent minor league game between the Pacifics and the Sonoma Stompers.

"Oh thank you, fun, that's awesome," smiled one spectator.

"That hat will he huuuuge on you," responded team intern Parker Brown, who was playing the part of the GOP nominee, in blue suit and red tie.

"We wanted to give people a reason to come out to watch our game," Pacifics' President

Mike Shapiro told KTVU, "rather than sit home and watch what was going on in Cleveland."

Weeknight games draw about 200 people, compared to weekends, when attendance doubles. So competing against the GOP convention, the team devised some political satire for the crowd's amusement.

The booth announcer read a "personal statement" that sounded suspiciously like a speech by baseball great Lou Gehrig.

"Oh wait, I didn't write that, excuse me!," the announcer exclaimed, interrupting himself.

Between innings, the Trump look-alike rounded the bases in a footrace against a costumed Chris Christie, who toppled to the grass before reaching second base.

Kids even got to build a wall of cardboard boxes behind home plate, a reference to the wall Trump wants to build on the U.S.-Mexico border.

"There have been a few people who took it the wrong way, " admitted Shapiro.

He says he's apologized to those who were offended, but says most fans saw it as harmless humor, political satire.

"Let's have some fun with things in life. We don't need to be that serious about everything", observed Shapiro.
A few women erupted in chants on their way into the park.

"We want Hillary, We want Hillary, I'm with her," they enthused.

The Democratic nominee won't get equal ribbing from the Pacifics during her party's upcoming convention.

The Pacifics' schedule has the team on the road those nights.

"Oh this is fun, the Pacifics are always fun. It's good stuff," chuckled fan Eric Holm.

Past promotions have had players wear dresses for breast cancer awareness, and compete at cow milking for Independence Day.

Fans often get in on the action too, with musical chairs, pizza eating contests and sack races on the field.

"We gave away a free funeral one year," noted Shapiro. "Quirky is best!" And what could be more patriotic than baseball and politics.

"It's gonna be huge," fired off the fake Donald Trump, admitting his repertoire was limited.

"If you're gonna dream, you better dream big!" he concluded.

Friday night's game offers another novel giveaway: foam fingers for prostrate cancer awareness.