Man armed with bat killed in officer involved shooting inside San Leandro Walmart

Officers with the San Leandro police department shot and killed a man armed with a bat Saturday afternoon inside of a Walmart store, according to Lieutenant Ted Henderson with the San Leandro Police Department.

The shooting took place just inside of the entrance of the Walmart, located at 1555 Hesperian Blvd. 

Police were responding to a report of a man branishing a bat. While responding, police say they received reports that the man was now possibly attempting a robbery.

Once officers arrived, they determined that the man did not commit a robbery, however officers attempted to take the man into custody. Henderson could not offer an answer on why police were attempting to detain the man. 

Two officers deployed their Tasers, which they say did not have an effect. 

Investigators closed the scene, which is inside this San Leandro Walmart store. April 18, 2020.

A 20-year veteran officer then shot the man one time, killing him. 

Police did not name the man who was killed, but they did identify him as black. 

Officers from various agencies are at the scene, including the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, and the California Highway Patrol.

In the hours after the shooting, video posted to social media showed the moment police shot and killed the man.