Man charged with more Peninsula rapes

A man accused of raping a woman in San Mateo has been charged with raping two other women along the Peninsula, authorities said Wednesday.

Alejandro Guevara was initially arrested and charged with raping a 62-year-old woman near a bus stop in San Mateo. Now's he's been accused of sexually assaulting two more women in Redwood City, all strangers to him.

"So there are now three victims alleged instead of one, and a total of 14 charges," said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, calling Guevara "a predator taking advantage of vulnerable women."

Redwood City police linked Guevara by his DNA to the rape of a 47-year-old homeless woman near the city's main library back in July, Wagstaffe said.

Guevara was also charged with raping a 60-year-old homeless woman in June in the parking garage of the Caltrain station, also in Redwood City.

Police say surveillance video shows Guevara riding a bike and wearing a distinctive "lifeguard" shirt.

Tips from the community helped lead to his arrest.

But Guevara had not been on Redwood City police's radar until after he was arrested by San Mateo police and the labwork came back.

"Without DNA, all three of these are unsolved," Wagstaffe said.

The prosecutor said Guevara is a dangerous man who should not be on the streets.

"Sheer terror," Wagstaffe said. "This is every woman's, this is every person's nightmare, that you're sitting there and somebody grabs you, pulls you away and forcibly assaults you."

In a statement, Guevara's attorney Nicole Lambros said in part, "There are some evident factual disputes, and there will be a challenge to the reliability of the forensic analysis."

Bail for the defendant has been increased to $10 million. Because there are multiple alleged victims, if convicted he could face life in prison.