Man found dead in vehicle on I-580 in Oakland

A man in his 30s was found dead in his vehicle Saturday morning on an Oakland freeway, a spokesperson for California Highway Patrol said.     

Around 7:55 a.m., an officer spotted a stalled vehicle with a flat tire in the median on eastbound Interstate Highway 580 near the 98th Avenue exit, according to CHP Officer Adib Zeid.     

After approaching the driver in the vehicle, the officer determined that he was unresponsive. Initially he thought the man was asleep, but when he did not detect a pulse, he called for medical help, Zeid said. Medical personnel arrived and declared the man deceased.     


San Francisco mother, daughter who lost family members in 2008 mistaken-identity murders, killed in crash

Two San Francisco women, who suffered the unimaginable loss of family members in a mistaken-identity triple murder in 2008, were among those killed in a head-on crash in Calaveras County.

Investigators are determining his cause of death, but there does not appear to be any foul play, according to Zeid, with no signs of trauma, crash damage or criminal activity.