Man lights up 4,000 candles on beach for anniversary surprise

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The images are stunning and a brilliant demonstration of love.

Mira Kanter captured the scene at Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas in San Diego County last Friday and posted it on Facebook with the caption, "4,000 candles representing the # of days of his 12 years of marriage to surprise his wife on their anniversary."

Kanter said she was on the beach when she came upon what she described as "one of the most beautiful, endearing, romantic expressions of love."

KTVU's Frank Somerville first shared the images noting that Kanter went up and spoke with the man behind the illuminating creation and even helped him light a handful of the electric candles.

She learned that he was originally from the Ukraine and now lives in the area with his wife.

Enamored by his act of love, Kanter said she returned to the scene a couple hours later and watched on after the surprise was revealed. 

In her photos, the huge lit up heart can be seen shining brightly after the sun went down.

"...he & his wife were standing by the heart. Very sweet to witness," she said. 

Kanter couldn't help but tell them how moved she was by the husband's romantic gesture saying, "Just relayed to them how fortunate they are to have that kind of love."

The annivesary surprise ended up being a gift to not only the man's wife, but one that stopped a stranger in her tracks to marvel at how "that kind of love" can touch others around them.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.