Man shot and killed after confronting suspected car burglar in Vallejo, cops say

A woman is left heartbroken after her boyfriend was fatally shot near her Vallejo home.

The victim, Matthew Allen, was allegedly killed by a homeless woman he suspected of trying to break into his girlfriend's car.

Surveillance video obtained by KTVU shows the victim pulling up in his pickup truck on Bella Vista Way late Sunday night. Moments later, you can hear Allen arguing with the woman.

Allen's girlfriend, Angela Cimoch, was at home and on the phone with him at the time.

"She was real loud, yelling a lot," Cimoch said.

After about two minutes, gunfire rings out.

"All I heard was gunshots," Cimoch said. "I ran to his location as fast as I could, tried to get him to stay alive, but I couldn't do it."

April Whitney lives nearby and went outside after she heard the gunfire.

"I saw the man on the ground and his girlfriend was over him, giving him compressions and talking to him, but he really looked unresponsive," Whitney said.

Vallejo police said Yolanda Harris, 41,who is homeless, fired the shots and then took off in the victim's Ford F150 pickup truck.

Officers arrived soon after, but Allen died at a hospital.

Police said with the help of automated license plate cameras, they found the suspect in the victim's truck hours later in Vallejo. She was arrested on suspicion of murder, carjacking and weapons violations.

Solano County prosecutors will review the case before determining whether to file formal charges. 

Allen's parents are also struggling to come to terms with their loss.

"It makes me sick. I'm just heartsick. I can't sleep," said the victim's mother Carolyn Allen.

Dale Allen, the victim's father, said, "His life is gone now, and her life, whatever's left of it, is ruined and my wife and our life's got a big void in it now."

He said he finds some solace that the suspect is in jail.

"She's not going to hurt anybody anymore or kill anybody anymore because she's right where she should be," he said.