Man taking photos of license plates at sideshow robbed at gunpoint

A big crowd gathered for a sideshow in Fremont on Sunday night. People in the Ardenwood neighborhood said the problem is escalating. One witness claimed he was robbed of his iPhone at gunpoint after he filmed license plates.

Fremont Police said there have been no arrests, no cars impounded from these latest sideshows. Police said they typically patrol the area with high visibility but these past two weekends resources have been stretched thin.

Sideshows are causing friction in the Bay Area’s fourth largest city. Cell phone video taken at the intersection of Ardenwood and Paseo Padre attracted big crowds the last two weekends in a row. Neighbors are exhausted.

Besides screeching tires, witnesses reported hearing gunfire and finding shell casings. Some homeowners began taking photos of license plates.

One man was not injured when a sideshow participant pulled out a handgun and then snatched his iPhone XS.

Police said resources were limited with a homicide and a CPS call.

“This is very dangerous for our community because we have pedestrians and people in our community that are walking around and also the people that are on standby watching these events,” said Fremont Councilman Raj Salwan.

Salwan suspects drivers are out of towners. He said sideshows rarely happen in Ardenwood. The neighborhood is filled with high density housing and families. City leaders are exploring their options.

“There should be consequences,” said Salwan. “They come to our community, destroy our pavement, and create lack of peace so we should do all we can to help mitigate this.”

At the intersection, the city's transportation engineering department is looking at design improvements that could deter illegal activity.

Police recommend homeowners not take measures into their own hands.

Homeowners are holding a town hall meeting with police and city leaders on Thursday about next steps. They’re asking for more patrols and more cameras on the north end of town.