Marin County placed on Newsom's COVID-19 watch list

Gov. Newsom is speaking from veterans center in Yountville ahead of Memorial Day. "This is an important weekend." May 22, 2020

Marin County officials on Friday reported the county was added to California Gov. Gavin Newsom's list of counties being closely monitored for increased COVID-19 coronavirus activity.

The California Department of Public Health created the watch list to monitor counties in which the COVID-19 situation has changed significantly in recent days.

The tracking includes spikes in confirmed cases, hospitalizations, outbreaks in congregate settings or an increase in community transmission at workplaces.

Marin County officials said the watch list is based on COVID-19 data and triggers a CDPH review of open business sectors and current coronavirus containment strategies and other factors.

Counties on the watch list for three consecutive days or more have been directed by Newsom and the CDPH to close some indoor operations including indoor dining.

Marin County officials said Friday that if the county remains on the watch list though Saturday, indoor dining could be closed as early as Sunday.

Once the CDPH closes an industry sector, the state has indicated that sector will remain closed for a minimum of three weeks, officials said.