McDonald's CEO says law enforcement may be called on customers who refuse to wear masks

McDonald’s appears to be serious about face masks.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski recently spoke about recent decisions the company has made amid the coronavirus pandemic. He specifically suggested that law enforcement may be called during situations when a customer won’t wear a mask.

Kempczinski discussed the mask situation on July 31 during an interview with “CBS This Morning.” The company recently announced that it would be mandating customers and employees wear masks at all McDonald’s locations.

The CEO said, “We're spending a lot of time right now in our restaurants making sure we can keep our crews safe, making sure we can keep our customers safe. We've for quite some time required our crew to wear masks, but we thought that in light of what we're seeing, it's prudent now that we also ask our customers to wear masks in the restaurant as well.”

He continued, “If someone is unwilling to wear a mask and comply with our rules, that might be where we might bring in law enforcement.”

Employees have reportedly undergone training on how to explain that masks are required and according to Kempczinski, that training included de-escalation methods.

He explained, “Ultimately, we're not going to be asking our crew people to put themselves in harm's way.”

These comments come after recent stories of incidents involving customers at various stores becoming aggressive over the face mask rules.

FOX 35 Orlando previously reported that a Florida woman was caught on camera seeming to scream at Walmart employees and shoppers after she was asked to leave the store for not wearing a mask.

The woman was attempting to enter a Walmart in Winter Springs when she was reportedly asked to leave for refusing to wear a face covering. The woman then accused those wearing masks as being “cult members.”

“You guys are f---ing cult members!” she yelled at those at the store. “I’m not wearing a mask!”

“F--- you,” she says as she walks away.

Fox News' Alexandra Deabler contributed to this report.

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