More than a dozen homes burglarized in Menlo Park neighborhood since January

Police in Menlo Park are warning residents about a string of burglaries that have taken place since the beginning of the year, largely in the city's Sharon Heights neighborhood. 

Fourteen homes have been looted of everything from jewelry, to whole safes and designer items. Police are unsure who is behind the burglaries, and whether it's the work of one criminal, a group, or different people.

"They lost a lot of things of meaning; jewelry from parents from 30 years ago, and stuff like that…it is heartbreaking." said one neighbor, who lives across the street from a home that was burglarized. "At night, it’s scary to think somebody is watching you to see if you’re out,"

Police say the criminal or criminals appear to be targeting unoccupied homes. The department says it has beefed up patrols in the area, but some neighbors told KTVU they'd still like to see a bigger presence. 

But, Sean Modd, who grew up in the area, acknowledged, "There’s only so much that the police can do, and that’s ultimately what it comes down to so…it’s just unsettling."

Police are asking neighbors to take additional security precautions, and to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The City has also created a camera registry program, which allows homeowners and businesses to let police know where they have cameras located in case another crime happens nearby.