Mother wants justice for Hayward teen's unsolved homicide, vigil held

On Wednesday evening, family and friends of Lamar Murphy honored his memory with a vigil.

The 16-year-old Hayward High student was shot and killed two years ago. But so far, no one's been arrested. 

"We have not forgotten. We love him," said relative Pat Webb, as she addressed those attending the vigil held at the corner of Smalley Avenue and Princeton Street where he was shot and killed. 

Family members say they find comfort in their precious memories of Lamar.

"I'm mad because it happened to my only child. I'm mad because we don't know who did it and they haven't found him yet. I'm sad because I don't have him in my life anymore, said Tonya Richards, Lamar's mother. "We want justice. Whoever knows any information, they need to say something."

Lamar's mother moved out of the area not long after his death but she returns every month to maintain a shrine at the site and put up flyers asking for help in finding those who took her son's life.
She says her son loved to smile, dance and sing, but his voice was silenced suddenly on Jan. 23, 2017. It was a cold and damp at 6:45 p.m. Lamar was riding his bicycle, on his way home from a neighborhood store. Someone in a car fired at the teenager several times.It's a night etched into the memory of his family. 

"It kind of takes me back to me sitting in my closet and calling his phone to see if he would answer 'cause it didn't seem real to me," said his cousin, Danielle Garrett. The cousins were at each other's homes often. Garrett says their bond can never be broken, even in death. 

Though it's painful for her to be at the vigil held where Lamar's life ended, she said it is important for her to be here.

"I want to keep his name going. I want him to know we loved him and still love him and we will always love him," said Garrett. 

Alameda County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly says the motive for the killing is unclear and that it's an active investigation. 

The vigil ended with the release of balloons with his family and friends saying, "We love you Lamar." 
His mother is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. Kelly said that someone out there has information that will help solve this homicide and that anyone coming forward can remain anonymous.