Mother's determination keeps son's unsolved homicide case alive 15 years later

15 years have passed since a San Francisco high-school student was shot and killed just steps from his home. The case is still unsolved.

But police say the determination of the victim's mother has helped keep this case alive.

Paulette Brown says she will not stop until she gets justice for her son Aubrey Abrakasa and that she's in regular contact with investigators.

She says the 17-year-old died protecting his neighbors.

"I will never stop grieving for my son," says Brown.

Supporters gathered for a healing circle at the intersection of Grove and Baker Streets in the Panhandle neighborhood; a community coming together to support Brown.

"The worst part is the pain, the hurt, the crying that I still do," says Brown.

On August 14, 2006, Aubrey was shot and killed as he was walking to the bus stop to go work.

Brown says her son saw someone with a gun walking towards neighbors and told them to run.

"I wish my son hadn't said a word. He would be alive today," says Brown.

While others ran, Aubrey was shot several times and later died at the hospital.

He was about to start his senior year in high school.

"We had plans to go to USF, play football and basketball for major league teams," says Allonte G., who grew up with Aubrey and attended high school with him.  

Allonte says his friend's death changed his life,

"I actually dropped out of school after that because there was so much going on. We didn't go back to school."

"Somebody saw it. Somebody did it. Somebody knows who did it," says Police Chief Bill Scott.

Brown has the support of the police department. Each year, she holds a gathering at the scene of the crime.

Brown says there are many witnesses, including the people Aubrey warned. But few will talk.

"You should say something. Give me some closure," says Brown.  

"We will never stop when it comes to the pursuit of justice," says Chief Scott.

Investigators declined to give a motive, saying that information would compromise their investigation.

"This is one of those cases that's really going to be solved if somebody comes forward and tell what they know," says Chief Scott.

Brown says her anger and hatred have subsided over time.

But her resolve to bring those responsible for her son's death to justice is unwavering.

"I want my chance to see them in court. I want my chance to go up and tell them why?" says Brown.

Investigators tell KTVU they have several suspects in this case but that they need corroborating witnesses to bring charges.

Police are offering a $250,000 reward for information to help solve this homicide.