Mountain lion spotted roaming residential streets of San Francisco

People who live in the Bernal Heights and Portola areas of San Francisco are being warned about a mountain lion that is roaming the area.

The mountain lion was caught on a security camera early Tuesday morning.

The big cat was spotted at least twice, once on Gaven Street, then again in Bernal Heights Park. 

A teacher who both works and lives in the neighborhood said she learned about the sighting through a school email alert.

"I thought what is a mountain lion doing there?" said Dolores Elkin. 

She said she's now fearing for the safety of her pet cats. 

"I have to be very careful," she said. 

Another neighbor said she was scared to spot a wild animal walking around the streets. 

Wildlife experts say always encourage people not to run if they see a mountain lion because it will possibly chase right after you. 

Instead, you should stand still, make a lot of noise and put your arms up in the air and wave them, so you look bigger than the mountain lion.

Mountain lion sightings are becoming more common in some urban areas especially as the drought conditions get worse.