Multiple babies overdosing on fentanyl in Washington

Authorities in Washington State are now sounding the alarm about overdoses, especially involving babies and toddlers.

This comes after three children under the age of two suffered from fentanyl overdoses, killing one of them.

The incident happened within five days in the city of Everett, about 30 miles north of Seattle


Hillsborough teen organizes Fentanyl Awareness Day

The Hillsborough Youth Commission hosts its first-ever Fentanyl Awareness Day. The free community event was meant to educate teens, parents and family members about the risks and dangers of accidental fentanyl poisoning.

An 18-month-old was found unresponsive but died despite life-saving efforts.

A 6 and 11-month-old baby were also found unresponsive but survived after they were given Narcan.

"Outrage, sadness, confusion, obviously and those are emotions that the department shares as well," said Everett Police Officer CJ Hawley. "The frequency of this in that short amount of time is certainly unheard of, at least in my career."

Detectives do not believe the cases are connected and they have not released details on how the babies came in contact with the synthetic opioid.