Napa Co. D.A. taking over officer-involved shooting investigation

The Napa County District Attorney's office is taking over the investigation into Tuesday's officer involved shooting where a gunman fired shots at neighbors and police officers before police shot and killed him.

Authorities are not yet releasing the name of the gunman.

But neighbors are identifying the man as Stephen Ferry.

"He always seemed to be the quiet guy," said neighbor Brian Roche.

Ferry operated his own Napa wine country tour business. There are photos of him standing near a car that looks similar the one now riddled with bullets.

He also made his own wood chips for barbecues, which he sold in Vallergas Market in Napa. His picture is on the label.
"He would come in here to replenish his product. And he was always very enthusiastic about it. He seemed passionate about his product," said assistant store manager Annie Wynn.

Authorities say yesterday afternoon police responded to 9-1-1 calls that shots were being fired at neighbors on Bueno Street.

"I heard yelling and arguing yesterday morning and didn't think about it. My wife and I talked about it and kind of put it together. I heard it in the morning and she heard it later on," said Roche.

One neighbor showed us bullet holes in is house.
He told us off camera ferry had shot at him, two of his relatives including a teenager, and another neighbor who Ferry had been feuding with.
When police showed up authorities say the gunman  began firing at them as he sped off in his silver Honda.

They chased ferry a short distance to Linda Vista Avenue where he crashed into a tree.

They say the gunman fired at them again and they shot back, killing him.

"I was shocked. We are a small community. Whenever something like this happens, so close to a school, it is shocking and horrible," said Wynn.

One neighbor told us he would sometimes hear ferry in the backyard screaming at no one in particular.

The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. That is standard practice.