NASA, Uber team up to get flying taxis off the ground

For decades we've been promised flying cars and on Tuesday, Uber announced we are now just two years out from seeing them take flight.

We might see Uber air service in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Dubai as early as 2020. If the idea takes off, Uber hopes to expand the idea world wide just a few years after that.

Bay Area commuters have a wide range of choices. They can drive, catch a bus or a train or even ride the waves on a ferry to get around.

Uber said that in just two years it's planning to launch Uber Air.

The flying ride-share service wold be able to carry four passengers at a time a distance of 60 miles.

Uber 's CEO offered up some details of the service at an investor forum in Tokyo.

Here's how it would work: the rider would use the app to request service be picked up by an Uber car taken to a skyport.

The flying vehicles would use rooftops to take off and land. A trip from San Francisco to San Jose at the height of rush hour would only take 15 minutes.

The price?

Uber said the service will eventually be comparable to a regular ride - a little more than $1.30 per mile.

Regular Uber users said they're ready. "I mean, we already have so many flying things already, it doesn't surprise me to have a flying car," said Nicole Borges.  "So, yeah, that sounds great, let me know when it starts."

Some riders said they want to see it in action first. "I might not be the first person to try it, said Derek Borges. "But, kind of like a roller coaster, if I see a bunch of people going, I see the stats 1% or less than 1% have anything wrong with it, then I'd feel comfortable."

Uber is already working with NASA to develop an air traffic control system to manage all those flying vehicles.