New I-80 traffic alert signs go live

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One of the most congested highways in the Bay Area is getting another tool to help keep things moving.

Electronic lane warning signs went live Thursday morning along a 20 mile stretch of Westbound Interstate 80 between the Carquinez Bridge and the Bay Bridge.

The signs are meant to alert drivers to congested or blocked lanes and direct them to faster moving options.

The 100 signs will display 3 different symbols: a green arrow indicating that a lane is moving smoothly; a yellow “X” indicating that lane slows; and a red “X” indicating that lane is blocked ahead and drivers definitely need to move out of that lane.

The signs are part of the I-80 Smart Corridor project.

Other elements of that plan meant to ease traffic include newly create ramp metering lights, which also went live earlier this summer, traffic information boards, and local street signs.

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