New video shows moments leading up to Takeoff deadly shooting in Houston

New video obtained by TMZ shows the moments before Migos member, Takeoff, was fatally shot in downtown Houston early Tuesday morning. 


Quavo - TMZ video usage

Video captures Quavo in an argument moments before Migos member, Takeoff, was fatally shot on Tuesday morning.

The video shows Quavo, one of the other members of Migos, getting into a heated argument with someone, and Takeoff is not too far away from him. Top-rated boxer, Shakur Stevenson can also be seen standing next to Takeoff. 

In the video, you can hear a discussion about basketball, and someone, possibly Quavo, says ‘I don’t get down like that.'

Then moments later, you can hear the sound of multiple gunshots, and people are seen fleeing from the bullets. At least 10 shots could be heard being fired in the video. 

BACKGROUND: HPD investigating Migos rapper Takeoff's murder in downtown Houston

Takeoff, whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner is asking any witnesses to the shooting to come forward as they investigate the incident. 

"I’m calling up on everybody," Chief Finner said. "We all need to stand together." 

Two other people were hospitalized via private vehicles and at last check are reported to be OK. They’ve also been called on by police to assist in the investigation. 

Who killed Takeoff? Officials call on 'everyone' to help investigate Migos rapper's murder in downtown Houston 

FOX 26 caught up with TMZ Executive Producer, Charles Latibeaudiere about the videos shared.

"What people can't understand is that these people are not rappers going at rappers," Latibeaudiere said. "By and large, these are incidents where rappers are being attacked or getting into altercations and then getting shot by people who are not necessarily in the industry."

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When asked what made TMZ decide to use the footage that shows Takeoff on the ground after being shot? Here’s his answer: 

"I understand why it is upsetting, and it is a tough decision for any news organization to make," Latibeaudiere explained. "The fact of the matter is it is part of this crime scene, an active crime scene where police don’t know who the shooter is where the shooter is."

"It’s an important news story with obvious public interest," he continud. "You have Quavo, who was doing everything he could in that moment to try and save his group mate, his nephew, and the fact that he was the one on the phone to 911 trying to get instructions on how to save him, I think that’s all really important part of the story."

If you have any information related to this shooting, you're urged to contact the Houston Police Department at (713) 308-3600.