No charges for 3 Richmond officers who killed father trying to stab family

No charges will be brought against three Richmond police officers who shot and killed a father who was trying to stab his family in 2019, after an investigation by the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office found that they acted lawfully.

The investigation found that the officers -- Danielle Evans, Terrance Jackson and Jeffrey Tyner -- had probable cause to believe that the shooting victim, Luc Ciel, 55, posed a significant threat of death or great bodily injury, not only to himself but to his family, according to a news release issued Tuesday by the district attorney.   

The officers responded to a 2:33 a.m. call on April 11, 2019, and found that Ciel had broken into the residence and had already attempted to kill family members by stabbing them with knives.   

Upon entering the home, officers heard screaming, encountered one resident who was bloodied, and found Ciel attempting to stab another person, according to police.   

Richmond police shoot and kill father who they say was trying to stab family, break into house

Officers told Ciel to step away and drop his knife. When the suspect did not stop, Officer Tyner fired his weapon three times.   

After being shot, Ciel turned toward officers and Officer Evans fired her weapon once, just as Officer Jackson simultaneously fired his weapon from a different vantage point in the house.  

 Ciel was pronounced dead at the scene.   

Officers found numerous black zip ties in Ciel's pockets and a second knife near his body.   

An autopsy found Ciel had four gunshot wounds and one stab wound and was found negative for drugs.   

The investigative report is available here.