'No loyalty in these streets:' 4 Oakland homicides in 4 days highlights spike in fatal shootings

There’s been four homicides in just four days in Oakland. 

It started Sunday with a double murder on 18th Avenue and East 14th street. Then on Monday, a man was killed on the 32000 block of Davis street. Later that day, there was a triple shooting at an auto body shop on 98th avenue and E street.

Tuesday night officers responded to a reported drive by shooting on MLK and 23rd. No one was killed. Then early Wednesday morning, just after midnight, there was another deadly double shooting on the 1600 block of Auseon in East Oakland.

One man died, another injured.

Hours later, another shooting at a memorial at that same location where people were mourning. A shot spotter captured 32 rounds fired from a semi-automatic rifle captured—three seconds of rapid gunfire. Thankfully, no one was injured. Police say they believe these two shootings were gang related.

“Memorials have become targeted areas,’ said Sherri Lyn Miller, founder of Citizens for the Lost.

Miller is a victims’ advocate for families of murdered children and handled funeral programs for Oakland victims. She's lost loved ones herself and says she knows how the streets can be.

“If you look at your partner the wrong way and step on his shoes they'll turn around and kill you. There's absolutely no loyalty in these streets and there's no love in the streets,” said Miller. 

Miller said there have been 24 homicides so far this year in Oakland, though police confirmed there has actually been 23. That number is up from this time last year when there were 14 homicides.

OPD acknowledges the spike in deadly shootings. They sent KTVU a statement that said, "We remain committed and focused on identifying, locating and arresting those responsible for the recent increase in violent crime. The Department has increased prevention/intervention enforcement patrols in key areas of the city and continue to work with Street Out Reach Teams for intervention.”

OPD also confirms that none of the shootings from early this week are connected. Miller says parents need to step up and start cleaning house.

“Your kids are the ones with guns, unless you search your house inch by inch and get rid of these guns we're going to be burying a lot more kids as the summer approaches,” said Miller. 

OPD is not releasing the names of the victims killed this week, but the department says 

There’s been at least one shooting happening every day so far this week. Last year, there were 68 homicides for the year. Right now, the city is on track to surpass that number this year.