No pattern of racial disparity in Livermore traffic stops: report

A report contracted to a team of University of Texas at San Antonio criminologists by the City of Livermore found "no clearly identifiable or concerning pattern of racial/ethnic disparity was found in the 24,944 encounters (traffic stops)" taking place in Livermore over a 26-month period, from 2019-2021.   

The report will be presented to the Livermore City Council on Monday night.   

The team's analysis addressed two areas of possible disparity: disparities in traffic stops and disparities in arrests between white people and those of color.  

A "veil of darkness" analysis examined differences in stop rates of non-white and white drivers during the daytime compared to night. 

The second benchmark was data containing the racial composition of not-at-fault and at-fault drivers involved in two-vehicle crashes.     

The study also analyzed whether civilian race/ethnicity predicted the likelihood of an arrest by Livermore police after controlling for other relevant factors.     

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"The results from the two benchmark analyses did not reveal a pattern of racial/ethnic disparity in traffic stops experienced by non-white drivers in Livermore. The VOD analysis found no statistically significant differences in the rates at which non-white drivers were stopped in Livermore during the day compared to at night," the study concluded.     

The traffic crash benchmark analysis found slightly elevated risks for stops of white, Black, and "other" race drivers (at-fault benchmark only) and a slightly elevated risk for stops of Black drivers relative to white drivers (not-at-fault benchmark only).     

"Taken together, the two benchmark analyses do not show a consistent pattern of disparity in stops based on driver race or ethnicity. The results of the arrest analyses do not reveal a pattern of racial disparity in police outcomes that disadvantages non-white civilians in the City of Livermore. 

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