Oakland A's fan groups boycott team's opener

The Oakland's A's kicked off their season Thursday night with a cloud of uncertainty still hanging over their future in the Bay Area. Plans remain in place to move the team to Las Vegas, but A's faithful are refusing to give up their fight to keep the team in Oakland. Thousands of fans gathered to watch the game from the parking lot and boycott the team's opener.

"We feel the team is being stolen from us without any say in it, so this is kind of how we’re voicing our displeasure," said Mike Bucci, a Newark city councilmember taking part in the boycott in Lot B of The Coliseum.

"I do not want to give them my money. I do not want to give John Fisher my money anymore," said John Dawson, another fan joining the boycott.

Fan groups "The Oakland 68’s" and "The Last Dive Bar", which helped organize the event, called it the first day of their "Summer of Boycott".

"We’ll be out here in the parking lot. It’s a community, and we used to meet inside of The Coliseum, but not this year," said Greg Trevizo of the Oakland 68’s.

Both groups are asking other fans to do the same, and boycott A's games throughout the season, which could be the team's last at The Coliseum.

"It hurts, it’s hard, but all my friends are out here now," said Trevizo. 


Oakland A's play what is likely their last opening day at the Coliseum

It's the beginning of the end of an era at the Oakland Coliseum.