Oakland A's investigating why fans wearing SELL t-shirts escorted from game

A group of A’s fans was escorted during the game from the suite level of the Coliseum’s outfield bleachers by an A’s employee – they say – for wearing "SELL" t-shirts. 

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that an A's fan said a female employee wearing A’s credentials told the group on Sunday they had to leave because the "SELL" t-shirts were not allowed on the stadium’s suite level. The group was then escorted back to the elevator and left the area. 

The shirts are a symbolic message for owner John Fisher to sell the team to someone that would keep it in Oakland, rather than relocate it to Las Vegas. 

The re-broadcast by NBCSCA also skipped over part of the top of the fifth inning, the period when fans have previously held a "silent protest" before erupting into "sell the team" chants. 

The A’s told the Chronicle that they are investigating what happened. 

"We encourage fans to express their fandom," an A’s spokesperson told the Chronicle. "We have no policy against prohibiting ‘SELL’ t-shirts in any area in the ballpark."