Oakland fire crew rescues deer stuck in a well submerged in water up to its neck

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Oakland fire crews once again demonstrated that their job goes beyond putting out fires and saving human lives. They helped rescue a buck that had found itself neck-deep in water, stuck in a well. 

Fire officials said a young male deer had fallen into a vault on the grounds of the Oak Knoll development in the East Oakland hills Monday morning.  

A construction crew doing work in the area had removed a manhole cover, when the buck fell in, dropping about 10 feet below ground. The animal ended up submerging in water up to its neck, according to officials.

The Oakland Fire Department and Oakland's animal services workers were called to the scene to carry out a rescue.

"Using ropes, harnesses and a mechanical pulley tripod system, the crews were able to dislodge the animal safely and efficiently, within an hour," fire officials explained.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife was also contacted, but once the deer was hoisted up, the animal was released before wildlife experts arrived. 

Officials credited teamwork and the crew's quick response for the successful retrieval of the buck. 

"Fortunately, because of the rescue teams swift coordination, the animal did not have to be sedated," officials said, "and was released promptly after being checked for any injuries."

The fire department's chief of staff, Michael Hunt, applauded the crew's work and tweeted out video of the release, with the caption, "'That was awesome'”... be free, young buck!"