Oakland honor roll student raising money to play basketball

An Oakland woman says she has put away her pride to help her son.

The 15-year-old is an honor roll student at Fremont High School in Oakland. 

But now, finances have threatened to come between the teenager and his next goal so his mom is hoping the kindness of strangers will help.

The single mother of three has launched a GoFundMe page to help raise the $1,500 needed for her son, Kemond Reed, to continue playing with the Oakland Soldiers basketball team.

“It's really difficult...we live in one of the highest states ever, California. I pay for rent of course just like everyone else. I have to pay for food out of my pocket,” said Tenisha Missouri. 

Kemond, who is an honor roll student at Fremont High School and has a 3.2 grade point average, told KTVU that his favorite subject is algebra because “It’s so easy to me.”

With summer break closing in, Kemond says he does not need to attend school during that time and would rather use that time to tune up his basketball playing skill. 

His mother signed him up with the Oakland Soldiers and he’s already played games with the team, but in order to continue, he will need to pay the fee. 

“I thought that would be great to keep him occupied, using the time to do something positive.”

Missouri, who is raising her children in East Oakland, lost her brother to gun violence in the same neighborhood three years ago, so she wants him in the program so he can use his time wisely.

She got emotional when asked how she feels about those who have already donated to the fundraising campaign. 

“It just warms my heart that people care just to see him doing something positive and want to support him. It just makes me feel so good.