Oakland police cleared in fatal shooting of man w/fake gun

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Here is KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee's Rap Sheet blog for Feb. 16, 2017:

OAKLAND COPS CLEARED IN FATAL SHOOTING: Four Oakland police officers will not face criminal charges for fatally shooting a man who was armed with a fake gun, according to Alameda County prosecutors.

Sergeant Joseph Turner and Officers Joshua Barnard, Johnathan Cairo and Allahno Hughes won't be prosecuted in the shooting death of 39-year-old Richard Perkins Jr.

"Each acted under an actual and reasonable belief that Mr. Perkins posed an immediate threat of death or great bodily injury to themselves and to their fellow officers," Deputy District Attorney Robert Graff wrote in a report.7

Perkins was shot about a dozen times near the corner of 90th and Bancroft avenues on Nov. 15, 2015.

Police have said they fired at Perkins when he pointed a gun at them. It happened at a sideshow while officers were impounding vehicles.

But the weapon turned out to be an airsoft handgun. His family has told KTVU that Perkins was only trying to show officers that he had a fake gun. They say he never pointed it at them.

Perkins' family has filed a lawsuit against the city, which is still pending.

BURGLARY SUSPECT HAD BAD VIBE: Two Millbrae burglary suspects were caught just moments after one told the other that he had a bad feeling about what they were doing, authorities said.

It all began about 2:30 p.m. Monday when a woman who lives on the 300 block of Hazel Avenue received an alarm notification by her home surveillance system. From a remote location, she learned that two strangers rang the front doorbell, walked into her backyard and tried to force their way into her home through a side door.

She immediately called 911 and gave descriptions of the two young men. San Mateo County sheriff's deputies responded and detained Andrew Holle, 19, and Jonathan Hernandez, 18, both of Oakland, two blocks away.

Holle had a loaded .38-caliber revolver and a hammer in his backpack, authorities said.

Surveillance audio obtained later by investigators caught Holle telling Hernandez that he "did not feel good about this one."

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