Oakland school holds book drive to raise funds for We Day service

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) -- At Aurora School in Oakland, students and staff were preparing to announce a book drive at their school assembly.

They chose a name for it -- Books for Buddies -- and proceeded to plan how they would present their idea at a school assembly.

The children who aren't speaking at the assembly will be in charge of making posters to advertise their book drive.

"We are trying to raise $150 or over. When we raise our goal, it makes me feel really happy," said eight-year-old student Sadira.

Nick Williams is the lead teacher for the 2nd and 3rd graders service club which meets every Tuesday. The club members have already raised $2,000 for Free the Children's "Adopt A Village" program.

Adopt A Village is designed to help villages in Third World countries with education, clean water and sanitation, health, alternative income and food security.

"I got to go to We Day and I just couldn't believe the way they are empowering kids to make a real difference. Not just in their local communities, but really in the global community" said Williams.

This year 19 5th graders get to attend with their teachers, the principal and, of course, Mr. Williams.

Ten-year-old Marisol will be attending and sounds like the perfect We Day participant.

"Whenever I help people, I feel really good inside and I'm really glad that I do it," explained Marisol.

She is one of many who want to improve their community, their country and truly their entire world.