Video: Oakland street vendor robbed at gunpoint

Oakland police are investigating the armed robbery of a man who appeared to be selling ice cream from a cart on Monday.

Two people, one armed with a gun, allegedly robbed the vendor on the 3900 block of E. 18th Street in Oakland, just after 12 p.m. before fleeing in a car.

Police said the victim was not physically harmed.

Upon arrival, police learned that two people, one with a handgun, had approached the victim. The individuals took the victim's belongings while holding him at gunpoint.

The victim complied and was not injured physically, police said. It is unknown exactly what items were taken.

After robbing the victim, police said the pair left in a nearby vehicle.

Video from the Citizen app shows two people getting out of a black Ford Edge to approach the victim as he pushed a cart along the side of the street. They appear to take items from the man, but it's unclear exactly what was stolen.

Citizen identified the vehicle's license plate number as 8JJL319.

The video also shows a third individual who briefly got out of the vehicle, but did not appear to engage with the victim.