Oakland Unified School District looking to distribute fans to hot classrooms

Back to school for students at Skyline High School in Oakland has been a bit unbearable. 

"It's been hot every day and the classrooms don't have AC so it's hard to focus," said senior, Henry Aguilar. 

"I concentrate more on that I'm hot than the assignments I have to do," said senior, Grace Hernandez. 

There are 60 classrooms inside Skyline High. We're told some have fans, but many of them don't. History teacher Harley Leitzelman said the students' health is at risk.

"They're nauseous, they're dehydrated, they have headaches, their heads are down. They're on their phones more, they can't focus," said Leitzelman. 

He reached out to KTVU after receiving photos of thermostat readings showing classroom temperatures exceeding reaching 93 degrees. 

"I wanted to make sure that the parents at home watching the news know that they're kids are going to school in excessively hot classrooms that are utterly unacceptable," said Leitzelman. 

We took those concerns to Oakland Unified School District spokesman John Sasaki, who says they've received requests for at least 100 fans to be dispersed among eight schools, including Skyline, Oakland International, Castlemont High, Life Academy and more. 

"It's a question of how many we can get, how quickly can we get them to the classes and which classes we'll go to first and that has yet to be determined," said Sasaki. 

Leitzelman said fans won't cut it. He plans to file this Williams Act complaint against the district demanding they address the root cause of the conditions by installing air conditioning. 

"The only solution that I see is air conditioning and upgrading electrical systems," he said.

"Can we install central air conditioning in all of our schools right now and run it? No we can't. That's impossible. We do not have the money to do that, but we're going to do as much as we can to mitigate the issue," said Sasaki. 

For now, students and staff are urged to fill up their water bottles at the schools' hydration stations, until the district can discuss a long term plan.