Oakland's Flavor Brigade burglarized again after weeks of reconstruction

An Oakland ice cream shop was burglarized again this week after just reopening following a devastating break-in.

In a video posted on social media, thieves are caught on camera at Flavor Brigade in the Dimond District late Tuesday night. The shop had just reopened after a brazen burglary in July when it was almost completely destroyed.

In that incident, a car smashed through the front windows and through the shop. A pair of robbers are seen in the video throwing furniture out of the way, ramming the car further into the store, and stealing the ATM.

The neighborhood rallied together to raise funds and help them rebuild. Donations and comments of support flooded in, many from customers who have been coming for years with their families. On Aug. 25 they shared the news that they were finally able to reopen. 

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But Wednesday they were struck again at about 4:45 a.m. This time the thieves took the safe, cash, tools, and even some of the store's famed tie-dyed T-shirts.

"When the car came through, I was like, ‘Oh great, another issue.' First we had the pandemic. Then we had this. Now we have this one," said longtime employee Steve Howell.

"My question is why? What was the purpose? All you're going to do is hurt the economy, you're going to hurt the people who work hard for their money."

Some regular customers questioned why thieves would go as far as to steal the tie-dyed shirts. 

"When somebody breaks in and steals some shirts, it's like you can't sell them on the street for anything," said Kathleen Harris. "I can understand coming in and taking the safe."

The store's post tagged Oakland police and Mayor Libby Schaaf in their post, and many responded with dismay that it happened again.

They asked the public to keep an eye out for anyone matching the description of the suspects in the video, particularly those wearing their tie-dyed T-shirts.

The same robbers also broke into the Mailbox store next door, stealing a cash register and a key-copying machine.