Odense Zoo: Same sex penguin couple kidnaps chick

Photo: Odense Zoo

A Danish zookeeper says a same-sex penguin couple "kidnapped" a chick at Denmark’s Odense Zoo on Monday while the newborn's parents were out swimming.

The Odense Zoo followed what it called "The case of the kidnapped penguin" on its Facebook page.

According to reports zookeeper Sandie Hedegard Munck said the male penguins seized the opportunity when they noticed the chick alone.

She believes there was a miscommunication between the penguin parents, and the chick was abandoned. 

A video showed the male penguins apparently protecting the baby chick. 

After hours, a zookeeper Sandie Hedegard Munck intervened and returned the chick to its rightful parents. 

The male couple was rewarded for it's care taking instincts. The zoo's Facebook page reports the male couple was given an egg to care for. According to reports, the egg comes from a female penguin who isn't capable of providing care. 

The zoo reports peace has currently been restored.