Oh deer! Two baby fawns get rescued from Bay Area storm drains in two days

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Oh deer!

Two fawns in two Bay Area cities needed to be rescued by firefighters in the last two days after both baby deer fell down storm drains in residential neighborhoods.

The Kentfield Fire Department on Thursday posted photos of a firefighter climbing into a drain and scooping up a tan-and-white speckled fawn, adding that the baby was reunited with her mother.

On Wednesday, Pacifica police and firefighters had a similar experience, rescuing a fawn from a storm drain on Crespi and Barcelona drives.

WATCH: Fawn rescued from drain

Aireo Shipman, the wildlife rehabilitation manager at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience, said that this is "definitely fawn season," and people should expect to see more baby deer out and about.

Usually, their mothers are nearby, Shipman said, although she doesn't always stay with her offspring.

"And fawn are not particularly great around manmade structures," Shipman said. "They're better with open fields and forests."

Shipman's center has already reunited four or five fawn with their mothers so far this spring.

If anyone sees a stranded fawn, they should call police or fire for help.