Opening statements in manslaughter trial of Danville officer

Opening statements are set to begin Monday in the trial of a Danville police officer charged with manslaughter.

Officer Andrew Hall is on trial for the  fatal shooting of 33-year-old Laudemer Arboleda. 

Arboleda, who struggled with mental health issues, was killed during a slow speed pursuit through the streets of Danville on Nov. 3, 2018. 

Video shows hall running around his own patrol car to fire nine shots into the windshield of the Newar man's car.
Police say Arboleda had tried to run officer hall over with his car.

Hall was cleared in an internal probe by the Contra Costa Sheriff’s office, weeks before he was charged by the District Attorney in Arboleda’s death.

Hall returned to duty and shot and killed 32-year-old Tyrell Wilson on March 11, 2021 after Wilson pulled a knife and took a step toward Hall, who was attempting to stop Wilson for jaywalking while investigating reports of someone throwing rocks at cars.

The families of both young men have filed civil suits against Hall.